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Here’s how I describe my amazing wife, Stephanie Anna Breznau:

:: An Unceasing Artist of Love :: A masterful artist painting on a unique and exquisite canvas, that is my dear wife, Stephanie. As a young girl she was a musical and artistic prodigy. Her beautiful voice and bright smile even brought her an invitation to sing in Rome. Yet because of her desire to paint with lasting love she instead chose to join brushes with me and take up a canvas entitled “family.” The easel-board of our little home is always bright with joy and full of smiles. Handwritten notes are accompanied by sparkling laughter. Sack lunches are packed with grace. The tears of our effervescent toddler are kissed away with care. And, when the dishes are washed, the laundry folded, and the family tucked snug in bed, her “mommy” brush continues on. Stephanie’s constant, daily handiwork isn’t the kind found in a prestigious gallery. That would be too simple. Her artwork lives on with love.

~ Michael J. Breznau


This page will be filled with Stephanie’s thoughtful musings, links to her art and music studios, and other fun pieces from the day. Enjoy!

Stephanie writes under categories such as “Devotionals” and “Marriage & Family.” One of her most sought after articles is entitled “Invisible People.” Click here to read it: Invisible People

Another one of her widely appreciated devotionals is entitled, “Transparency: A Four Letter Word.” Click here to read it: Transparency: A Four Letter Word

She also wrote a great essay on 10 points toward a grace-centered marriage. Click here to read it: “Mawwiage is what bwings us togeddar”

Stephanie is also a super-creative, amazing cook (you can take my word for it). Check out dozens of her tasty, original recipes by clicking on this button-link to her cooking blog:


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