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When God Doesn’t Make Sense

More violence. Bloodshed. Destruction. Hate. Death…
And we wonder aloud: Are you going to put a stop to this, God??! If so, how? And when?! Are You really going to let this pass? We wonder if the wickedness, injustice, and immorality is ever going to cease…

Run to Win

How is the run of your life today? We are continually tempted to draw back, let up, and give in…
Maybe it seems easier to revert back to the old way of doing things – to figure out life on our own. Perhaps it seems as though God just hasn’t come through and life is only getting harder, not easier.
So how should we live in the face of doubts or the temptation to do life our way? How can you and I run faithfully for Christ?

The Litmus Test of Love

Impure motives of pride, heartless obligation, superiority, longing for admiration, applause, success, wealth, rank, or pity are never sung aloud from our lips for all to hear. We quietly hide them, creatively disguise them, and carefully redefine them. We naturally think ourselves very good at judging the motives of others, but how about our own motives?

Ouch. That question seems to drop like a sharp knife between my toes. Perhaps the most penetrating and uncomfortable question for all of us to ask ourselves is: What is my motive?
To determine the answer to this question I believe we need a litmus test.

500 Today | My Thirteen Theses for the 21st Century

On this day 500 years ago, a youthful 33-year-old professor crossed a theological rubicon. Little did he know his rather quiet life as an Augustinian friar would become a lightening rod from that day forward.
October 31, 1517 marks the pivotal moment when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of All Saint’s Church in Wittenburg (though he may have “mailed” it, per my friend Dr. Michael Svigel)…

Christian Racism?

White supremacists, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and all the rest who claim to know Christ while thumping the Bible are actually stomping on the Bible and know nothing of the Gospel of Christ. Their words and actions are repulsive to God and should be to everyone who knows and loves God.
How can I say this? Because God’s Word makes it abundantly clear….

On Mission in Mexico

As many of you know, since last November I’ve been serving as Staff Pastor and Mission rep. for two separate yet sister organizations: LifeChange Action and MissionTalk. Both of these entities are involved in creatively supporting and engaging in God’s mission within Mexico and Southeast Asia. . . .